Blue is the third main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. Her first Pokémon was a Jigglypuff. As a young child, she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh and raised by the evil Masked Man, where she met and became close with Silver. (This kidnapping led to her ornithophobia, which is not cured until the end of the GSC saga.) The two of them escaped, and Blue went to Kanto, where she stole Professor Oak’s Squirtle.

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→ /Contain/ Your Enthusiasm [Sector oo5]




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[The Fenton Thermos was proving to be exceptionally useful in stunning the androids in the least; he had managed to crack it over the heads of several, and it still didn’t seem dinged up at all. Well, of course not, it had to contain dangerous ghosts. It probably wasn’t enough to hold Pariah Dark, but it certainly was stable. Well, he’d been prepared for the robot apocalypse from the very beginning, it seems.

After knocking yet another android to the ground (and watching with some fascination as it disappeared) he spotted a woman out of the corner of his eye. Ordinarily he’d gawk over her beauty like the average fourteen year old, but at the moment he was too engrossed in fighting — the very thing that kept him from drooling all over Valerie in that suit of hers whenever the two went toe to toe. She appeared to be carrying a gun, which was nice for her because she actually had a legitimate weapon she could fire, unlike Danny. The fourteen year old brought his thermos up and slapped another android approaching the woman silly with it and grinned at her as he did so.]

Hey, welcome to the club.

[She seemed to be outwardly okay, which was nice and allowed Danny to worry more about the androids crumpling in a heap before him and less about her. She seemed to be able to handle herself. She could help him and the Box Ghost!]

You gotta earn your jacket, though. Can you handle it?

[He gestured to the multiple androids. What he was really saying through his witty banter was, “Are you going to help us take them down?”]

At least she wasn’t a burden to them. Both were making a magnificent job, even with a box! And talking about that, it really impressed the maiden.

” Thanks…” What a warm welcome, she appreciated even in this situations somewhat people managed to be friendly, however it wasn’t time for that. She could do that later. Right now in her head the only thing she had memorized was the same words: Aim and pull the trigger.

Finally she took down the gun when shooting at one of the android’s head, her hands were moving by their own as a reflex action, she wasn’t used to fight and this was the first time in her life she actually was doing this. Again, maybe it was the fault of Id. Or she was just proving her worth even if she was taking a lot of time to avoid any hit. ” I think I can…but I need practice ”  


So the main cause for all this ruckus was a bunch of androids gone wrong? That was certainly rather odd usually scientists were quite capable of handling their own experiments. There were only two possible explanations for this: either they were incompetent fools or they meant to do this. Regardless, the witch had no time to think about that, not when there were tons of androids threatening them. 

Yuuko wasn’t much of a fighter but she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge either. The task could have been much easier, if she only had the rest of her powers but they did give her a wooden staff, perhaps it was time she made use of it. So with the wooden staff in her possession, she headed outside and into the mass crowd of androids, who launched at her. From all the years the witch has been alive, she spent her time sharpening her senses so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she was agile. The staff was now becoming quite of use to her since the witch was not whacking every android in sight, swinging it like a baseball bat. 

” My, oh my. I haven’t had this much fun ever since I faced that collector “


In the corner of her eye, she saw a group of people ( more of two persons and a ghost ), who, without any doubt must be doing the same thing she was. So with another final sweep of the staff she made her way to them.

” I presume that you will be needing more help in fighting these nuisances, yes? “


a whirring sound caught the brunette`s attention as she begun her adventure to explore her new prison; a city of some sorts to replace the eerie utopia she was whisked away to. turning her chin in a slight movement to locate the source, blue`s eyes widened with absolute surprise. there were two robot-like creatures that looked as if they belonged in a sci-fi movie raising their arms in the most hostile manner! as a reflexive action, blue raised her arms in futile defense all the while gaping her mouth open in a shriek of terror.


these were times where she forgot about the ditto that was encasing her torso, impersonating as the female trainer`s jacket. in a swift second the pink jacket around the woman`s shoulders shot out in front of her in the form of a gelatinous blob, quickly morphing into a much more recognizable creature—a hitmonchan. the faux pokemon jabbed both limbs away from its master and took a defensive stance in front of the brunette. keeping its left arm near its chest and its right arm out to protect its own face, the creature rushed forward in a jab to one of the android`s chest.

"are you—freaking kidding me!?" blue managed to utter as her initial shock died down. "not even five minutes in this damn place and i`m already being attacked!"

luckily, and unbeknownst, to her, there was a group of people nearby that could offer support if they were feeling kind enough…

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→ spirited away again—

one moment the brunette was in a land of lush green grass and crystal blue skies—not her home, mind you!—and the next, why, she was suddenly transported to a city of sorts! blue blinked once, twice, thrice just to recover from the sudden whiplash the change of setting had brought, her mouth gaping open slightly in confusion.

where the hell was she now?


venturing a few steps into the metropolitan setting created around her, the pokemon trainer craned her neck to take in a plethora of sights and buildings. this entire layout reminded her of the times she would get lost in goldenrod trying to locate silver during their occasional meetings, only this place was ten times more confusing! gripping the ends of her jacket, the female closed the white material over her frame—at least ditty was still around just in case.


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→ "My, there are a lot of people here, aren’t there?"


Taking in what she said, Jin nodded in response, ” Arcadia. How intriguing.. Thank you.”

He raised an eyebrow at her strange actions (and her attire was quite odd as well). “I don’t plan to pay any price, since I am very poor. You can’t simply answer my questions? I doubt it would take much of your time at all.”


He wasn’t very amused at her “offer”.

i am very poor. i am very poor. i am very poor.

the words themselves echoed in her mind, and she was grateful that she`d thought to turn around beforehand lest he see the sudden drop of expression her face had underwent. stifling a sigh, the brunette paused before turning back to him—now with tears springing in her eyes.

"i can`t! it`s information i can`t just give out. my friend would get in trouble then!" her tone shook with every ounce of fear she could muster on cue, and her bottom lip trembled. "i really want to help you. i really do. i just can`t—do it without something in return that could help me help my friend."

a sniff and a clasp of both hands together, fingers intertwining.

"you understand, don`t you?"


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Work. Something you don’t seem to know the concept of.

the youth shoved his hands into his pockets, allowing his gaze to shift from the objective of their trainer to the source of that insufferable voice. he almost couldn’t believe that she had nothing better to do, but considering the circumstances, he wasn’t all that surprised to see her dropping in uninvited. the charizard that sat on his shoulder followed his stare, taking in the sight of that jigglypuff, and consequently looking off to the side.

to be honest, it couldn’t believe that it was smaller than a jigglypuff. 

his mind worked to rationalize why she was bothering him, or if she simply didn’t have anything better to do. while he could have walked away or ignored her ever so bluntly, he found conversing with those from his world therapeutic, taking the edge off the constantly wary and alert young man. 


Do you need something? “ 

if she couldn’t hear him, well, it wasn’t his fault she decided to fly around and draw attention to herself and that thing. 

whatever the boy was mumbling down below didn`t seem like it was anything nice! this caused the blue-eyed trainer from pallet town to let out a huff, showing exactly how much he wounded her emotionally. she lifted her binoculars away from her eyes and tilted her chin heavenward. with the hand opposite of the one clinging onto the makeshift jigglypuff`s foot, the brunette signaled the creature to decrease its altitude.

"what a mean jerk," blue mumbled, the pout on her face apparent. "i visit his lonely butt, even though he`s so rude! he should feel lucky that i`m such a nice girl."


the descent was going a much too slow for her liking. blue eyes drifted its gaze downwards, seeing the image of the trainer becoming larger and clearer. without much thought (other than her deeming it was safe to let go without getting hurt), the grip on the jigglypuff`s leg was loosened until the appendage slipped through her very fingers, and the brunette propelled straight down onto his face.


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→ "My, there are a lot of people here, aren’t there?"


“I would greet all of you individually, but it would take up too much of my time. Feel free to approach me if you’d like to start a conversation”

Jin looks around, attempting to spot a place that looked familiar. Nothing even remotely looked like Japan.. “In the mean time, can anyone tell me where I can find my swords. They are very important to me, and I seemed to have misplaced them during my travels to this place.”


well, so much for her hopes of getting more cute boys around here. the man looked (and smelled) like he hadn`t bathed in days, which was probably the case considering the sort of setting the man had came from. nose wrinkled in distaste as she made a mental note to keep her distance. as for the man`s questions, blue didn`t really have a concrete answer. thinking back to her own arrival not too long ago, however, blue vaguely remembered how every question seemed to lead back to the goddess (of whom had questionable taste in furniture) and thus decided it was in his best interest to become aware of the deity`s presence.

"hate to break it to you, but you probably didn`t travel here," blue responded, feeling no need to hold back on disclosing the hard reality. "this is arcadia. it`s some sort of utopia."

and then, a figurative light bulb switched on above her head. the brunette turned abruptly leaving strands of brown hair floating in the air before landing over her shoulder. this sudden action was done to hide the sly smile that spread upon her lips.

"anymore information can`t really be given without a price to pay~"


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This isn’t going to work. “

something was obviously bothering the trainer, who stood amongst the grounds with a sour expression upon his visage. could it have been the weather in general, or simply his disdain for the surroundings he was put in? not even remotely close. instead, it was the lack of proper training materials to put his one remaining pokemon through some sort of regimen. there was a secondary cause to his bemusement, and it had something to do with the creature sitting on his shoulder.


Not one bit.

a charizard sat proudly, minimized and able to sit within even the palm of his hand. stern glare scoured the surroundings, yet he could feel the anger radiating from the very soul of the pokemon itself. why wouldn’t it? it could have fit into a McDonalds kids meal from a restaurant! the small creature huffed, intent on expelling fire through its oral cavity, but could not even initiate that small gesture of frustration.

She’s really babying people, isn’t she?

. . can’t say that I care for her spar room, either. 

it took this sight for blue to realize exactly how lucky she was when the self-proclaimed “goddess” or whatever she was allowed her to keep her ditto. to those ignorant of its abilities, it seemed more like a curse than a blessing, but to a cunning, sly woman like herself, it was just the thing she needed. after all, the gelatinous blob could transform into anything!

this time, it took the shape of her darling jigglypuff.

now, the brown-haired trainer could have easily been overlooked from her vantage point in the sky, but luck seemed to be on her side as of lately. how else would she have stumbled upon a pair of binoculars sitting on her dresser that morning? it was thanks to this discovery that the woman managed to summon enough courage to travel through the air once again, just for the sake of finding an exit out of this boring place. really, it was all coincidence that her pretty blue eyes would be able to spot such a cutie! the brunette let out a girlish giggle before inhaling as much air as she could, allowing her voice to reach that drab thing down there.

"he-llo there cutie! what are you doing down there?”


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→ in which blue builds a tower because she is satan and feels the need to have one


lips curled into a frown, an eyebrow arching in a show of skepticism. if this is what one could consider salvation, he had to wonder just how much worse things could get. the green eyed youth closed the distance between them hesitantly, gaze shifting between the brunette and the pink Charizard. 

“ And I didn’t think thieves qualified for salvation. 


the young man scoffed at the idea of being her ” knight in shining armor, ” responding only with a chuckle and a shake of his head. just as her tone held every teasing hint of hope, his cruelly shifted to crush her intentions.

No. I’d leave you here in a heartbeat. “ 


well, if he wouldn`t bite the bait she cast for romance, then she`d have to try a different approach. it was a shame that the goddess didn`t leave a trace of beauty products. blue, despite this fact, still kept up with her appearance. lips, plump and soft, were jutted out in a pout as the evolver took a step closer towards the trainer, closing the distance between them.

"you`re so mean! i just want to see my parents again!"


the truth was always an effective thing to use in her arsenal. tears began pooling in the corners of her eyes almost upon cue, and her cheeks lit up in a light blush. taking another step closer towards the boy, blue made sure to brush her chest against his arm—a tactic that would definitely work on a pervert like him!

"i miss my—mummy so much!"

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→ in which blue builds a tower because she is satan and feels the need to have one



Oh, no.

that obnoxious cackle, that sweet tone that held a deviancy and intent to swindle ignorant and innocent people. it was troublesome to be stuck in this place, but he at least hoped that he would be here alone, or at the most, with just Red to bother him. green eyes narrowed, hands sliding into his pockets whilst watching the aerial display. this had to be an illusion, some sort of sick imagery preying on his conscience. 

no matter how hard he wanted to deny that the vision in front of him was true, the sight of that pink, gelatinous blob transforming into a hipster Charizard dashed his hopes and cemented his despair. that overly noisy woman was here, and it was going to make staying in this place a lot worse.

but, at least she was all right.


… What are you scheming to do this time? “ 

there was a droning sound coming from the background that blue brushed off as a fly at first, but soon an overbearing presence full of dullness brought her to turn her head and locate the source. absolute displeasure made itself known on her expression for a split second before her own face underwent a transformation into sickening sweetness. with a smirk, the blue-eyed dex holder gave her grumpier counterpart a flirtatious wink.

"hey there, cutie! i didn`t know boring people like you qualify for salvation," blue said with a giggle. the pink charizard, in its most mocking display, flew up towards the blue skies to finish the task she wouldn`t ever dare to undergo.

image"maybe you`re my knight in shining armor! are you going to rescue me from this dreadful place?"
her tone held every hint of teasing hopefulness. she`d didn`t give the place much of a try, but she wasn`t exactly interested in doing so either.

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